Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health

How many times have you heard the phrase: "You are What You Eat?" as the chances are good you have heard it at least once a week for the past 15 years but it is very true as renowned cardiologist Dr. William Davis demonstrates.

Dr. Davis' central thesis is this: the agribusiness has changed wheat so much in the last 20 years that wheat is no longer the "good grain" that it once was (the line from "America" which says "... amber waves of grain" refers to the old-fashioned four-foot variety of non-enhanced grain from which we made our bread for the last several millennia).

In the last half-century or so that has changed as agribusiness has taken over the "development" of wheat to bring higher yields. By playing with the chemistry of the wheat plant, the size is about half of what it was and its nutritional value is nowhere near as good as one might think.

Today, wheat is a storehouse of sugar and other ingredients that give Americans everything from what Dr. Davis terms "wheat belly." It's also not the result of an American eating binge where we stuff our faces from morning to night with sugar-bearing, fattening foods. The way today's wheat plant has developed and the chemicals used not only to increase a field's yield has resulted in everything from minor rashes to high blood sugar to the "wheat bellies," as Dr. Davis terms them.

The only way to beat the problem, then, is not by dieting along, because it won't work unless we are willing to make significant changes in our lifestyles, most significantly giving up the processed grains we eat during the day. For example, that "healthy" lunchtime sandwich wrap that contains "good" protein - lean turnkey, soy beans dressing and such - is surrounded by genetically engineered bread that encourages sugar retention and fat.

As an example, one reviewer went over his first week using Dr. Davis' suggestions for changing one's lifestyle and the writer experienced a seven-pound weight lost, the first in many years, as well as an increase in energy levels. Further, his body has naturally decreased its blood pressure so that the reviewer had to continue taking the blood pressure medication to ensure that his body's blood pressure didn't drop too quickly.

Time and time again, Dr. Davis' hypothesis has turned out to be correct as reviewer after reviewer and bloggers report similar results.

Dr. Davis' work shows just what can happen when we commit to the changes that big business and the huge agribusiness estate/farms strive for yield and output and profit at the expense of the patient. Dr. Davis' work also shows that while there is an epidemic of obesity going on around us it has a root cause that is far different than one might think.


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